GFS Lighting Repair

HMI Lighting Repair, Tungsten Lighting Repair and Fluorescent Lighting Repair

Join customers like Warner Bros, Paramount, Universal, Sony, Cinelease, Paskal, Hollywood Rentals and independants that save thousands buying parts off GFS Lighting Repair. On average our OEM Parts are discounted 40-60% off manufacturers list price. We also sell after-market parts that are upgrades to the OEM parts. We did not list all the parts, if a part is not listed please contact us for availablity. Price may change please call before ordering. 


                     We are currently working on our online store. For a more detailed list and prices please visit: Global Film Supplies

HMI Lighting Repair



Part # IGN001 Price: $450 .
GFS's universal 575-1200W ignitor. This bad boy is a self sensing ignitor that will strike any wattage 575 or 1200 watt.  Works with any electronic or magnetic ballast.

html borders.We have converted LTM, Arri, Sunray, Desisti, CMC, Altman etc... If it's a 575 or 1200W HMI head this ignitor will work in it!

html bordersPart # IGN002 Price: $750 .
2.5/4KW ignitor. We also have a universal ignitor for 2.5 and 4K heads. This ignitor can be used as a self sense ignite or as a timed external ignition.

Socket and socket accessories:

html bordersPart # SC0001 Price: $450 .
LTM's OEM G38 Socket for the 6K or 6/12K Par, LTM's 18K SE Fresnals. This is the exact same part you will get from LTM at 60% off their list price.HMI Lighting.

html imagesPart # SC0006 Price: $100
Osram's G38 Socket used for 1.2K,2.5K,4K SE Globes, LTM Arri and CMC Par 64, Sunray 1.2K Par. GFS has converted for CMC Silverbullets which are obsolete.

Part # SC0007 Price: N/A
575 W SE Socket. Used with LTM Pars, CMC Pars, Sunray Pars, Arri pars. HMI Lighting repairs.

html bordersPart # SC0003 Price: $100 /pr
LTM's OEM G38 socket clamps. Engineers from Osram and Wolfram recommend replacing your socket clamps on a yearly basis. GFS is the only place to purchase these, with out having to buy a new socket!

html bordersPart # SC0003 Price: $60 ea
LTM's OEM G38 socket pusher. This is the orginal part to repair the G38 socket when the pusher breaks. Also the most common repair to the LTM's 12K Par.

html bordersPart # SC0007 Price: $N/Adsf
HT Leads for LTM 6/12K Par, 18 K Fresnal, Cinemills 18K Fresnals, Sunrays 18K Fresnal. These are made per light, price will vary according to type and age of light.


Tungsten Lighting Repair

html bordersPart # SC0007 Price $12.50
Osram Tungsten sockets used for 420W, 650W, 1000W. These are a major upgrade to LTM's and Mole socket. Used in 420W, 650W LTM pepper. Mole Richardson 650w, 1000W . FRK Globe.

html bordersPart # SC0008 Price: $10
Space Light Socket's Rear fringe. This is an Osram socket.

html bordersPart # SC0009 Price: $N/A

Fluorescent Lighting Repair

html bordersPart # KN0008 Price $75 ea  Brand New Kinoflo VG2 Board. 10 plastic rivets and 3 nuts to replace and do your own repair. Call us for instructions.

html bordersPart # KN0004 Price: $N/A
Kinoflo connectors Male or Female with strain relief.

html bordersPart # KN0009 Price: N/A
Kinoflo lamp sockets. These are universal on most fluorescent fixtures.

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